Additional Services

Supporting schools and teachers

Besides Specialist teaching and assessment, the team at Surrey Dyslexia is also delighted to offer a range of other services, including staff training and small group teaching.

Staff Training

Surrey Dyslexia is delighted to offer tailored presentations and workshops for staff training. These may take the form of short informal discussions, or more structured presentations on specific learning difficulties and how these may present in the classroom.

Topics may typically include understanding slow processing or how a weakness in working memory may impact on classroom performance and other aspects of life. 

We work in tandem with specialists across the spectrum of learning difficulties and workshops can be arranged for your school – for example how to deal with anxiety and exam stress. Please do be in touch to learn more.

Group teaching

There are occasions when some aspects of learning support may be delivered in a group situation, particularly when working towards shared objectives. These goals may range from simple reinforcement of basic maths facts, through to study skills and revision strategies for older learners. Please do be in touch to learn more.

Holiday Teaching

Some children benefit from maintaining their support lessons throughout the school holidays, particularly during the longer summer recess. Similarly, there can often be benefit in taking a few lessons immediately prior to the start of term in order to be ‘hitting the ground running’ when school returns in September. Please do be in touch to learn more.

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